AutoDCP Software Eliminates Significant Effort

It is not uncommon for AutoDCP users to construct their FMEAs and Control Plans 10-20 times as fast as they previously did with their old system. Below are some AutoDCP features and typical productivity gains.

Specific Features That Improve Productivity


AutoDCP integrates header, process and characteristic information such that detail on the FMEA and Control Plan always match. This eliminates unnecessary redundant effort.

Drag Drop Interface

AutoDCP Software utilizes a drag/drop interface from standard libraries which minimizes effort. The use of standard values enables statistical analysis of FMEA information.

Mass Updates

This feature offers an easy way to populate multiple records simultaneously across several projects. Often this is used to add Recommended Actions to multiple FMEAs at the same time. Implementing engineering changes or process improvements with this feature is fast and easy. The Mass Create feature automatically constructs projects affected by the change.

Risk Profiles

Risk Profiles contain the entire section of a FMEA for that type of feature. Building FMEA documents with standard Risk Profiles is a fast, smart technique.

AutoDCP Commands

AutoDCP commands can be used to automatically construct the FMEA or Control Plan much faster than editing one record at a time. This feature was used by the client in our case study to build a 106 page Control Plan in just 2 and a half hours. Click here for the Tower Automotive case study.

Project Linking

Project linking builds new composite FMEAs and Control Plans by using common information in other projects to buidl a new similar PPAP submission. Use selective project linking and you may match one of our most prolific users who now does 40 times as much work in the same amount of time! 

Where Used Mass Creation

AutoDCP can detect everywhere a project link has been used and mass create all the updated documents for you with a single click. This feature makes process improvements on FMEAs and Control Plans painless.

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