AutoDCP Analysis And Auditing Tools

Analytical Tools That Help Improve Quality And Support IATF 16949

Numeric And Graphical Dashboards For Implementation

AutoDCP provides extensive risk analysis tools. The first of these is the ability to analyze the numeric scores across all FMEAs by Failure Mode, Operation or Project. From any of these summary views, one can drill down to the underlying records in the FMEA that comprise a statistic. This can be done both numerically and graphically.

Numeric And Graphical Dashboards For Continuous Improvement

To measure continuous improvement, AutoDCP FMEA software contains the proprietary Quality P&L which automatically calculates baseline and current risk statistics as well as the amount of improvement. These are available by project, operation and over time  in both a numerical and graphical  presentation.

Corrective Action Linking To FMEAs

To validate FMEAs, they are linked to Corrective Actions (CAR) such that you can see trends in CARs and use the FMEA as an early warning system to detect problems. AutoDCP corrective action linking enables comparison of defects versus your risk forecast. 

Flex FMEA Analysis

In addition to these tools, Flex FMEA  Technology enables analysis on demand in ways previously unavailable with Excel spreadsheets or other software. With Flex FMEA, you can analyze high RPN values by customer, engineer, department or other user-defined areas.

Executive Dashboards

Executive Dashboards offer management summary and drill down views of risk by project, operation, user-defined fields, failure mode or cause. Since these dashboards use the current risk calculation from the continuous improvement area, they are always live and up to date. As you update FMEAs with Recommended Actions the Dashboards are updated as well.

Finch Risk Diagrams

Finch Risk Diagrams predict the actual events that will occur based on all the FMEA information in the database. This tool makes it easy to visualize the risk in a facility and prioritize quality improvement efforts.

Auditing Tools

AutoDCP includes several tools that are useful for auditing Process Flow Diagrams, FMEAs and Control Plans. These tools include the following:
Incomplete Process Flow Diagrams, FMEAs and Control Plans
Non-Standard Phrases in FMEAs and Control Plans
Incomplete Recommended Actions
Annual FMEA Review Tracking
Completed Recommended Action Tracking
Corrective Action Tracking

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