AutoDCP FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis) & Control Plan Software

AutoDCP Product Summary

What is AutoDCP?

AutoDCP FMEA Software is the fastest and most cost-effective way to create / maintain a linked Process Flow Diagram, FMEA and Control Plan. With a few clicks of the mouse, AutoDCP can construct industry compliant documents as fully formatted Excel spreadsheets.
  • Any of four different Process Flow Diagrams.
  • Nine different Process FMEA Formats.
  • Three different Control Plans.
  • Standard and customized check sheets.
  • Dimensional Test Results
  • PPAP Warrants

How Can AutoDCP FMEA Software Help You?

AutoDCP is a proven, powerful quality management tool. It will help you achieve certification, regulatory and / or customer approval quickly with minimal effort. AutoDCP will help you:
  • Create and maintain these documents easier than any other approach.
  • Link Process Flow Diagram, FMEA and Control Plan for consistency.
  • Audit documents quickly and easily.
  • Visually analyze FMEA information without manual studies.
  • Provide managers with control and exception-based summary information.
  • Accommodate customers' unique requirements with ease.

AutoDCP Features

AutoDCP offers unprecedented features that eliminate unneccesary clerical effort. These features include the following:
  • Keyboard-free document construction.
  • Graphical user interface.
  • Automatic creation of Process Flow Diagrams, FMEAs and Control Plans.
  • Global addition of a newly discovered failure mode across all affected projects with one click of the mouse.
  • Statistical and graphical analysis of risk studies.
  • Corrective Action Integration.
  • AIAG, Honda, Nissan and Toyota formats.
  • Linking of all or parts of projects into composite sets of documents.
  • Flex FMEA-customized statistical / graphical reporting.
  • Finch Risk Diagrams.
AutoDCP provides mouse-driven fast construction of standard APQP documents. Integration links the documents and prevents inconsistencies that cause audit findings. Engineering changes, line-balancing and process improvement efforts are implemented with single-click mass updates to eliminate errors. Nothing will increase your productivity as dramatically as AutoDCP. Standard libraries, risk profiles and linking exploit the repetitious nature of APQP documents. Quality improvement efforts are optimized by the use of standard data. Click here for a presentation.

Quality Dashboard

Useful FMEA Analysis
Give your plant manager the Quality Dashboard and that manager will be your greatest fan! The AutoDCP Dashboard shown to the left is a forward-looking view of your plant-wide risk. This single view displays your audit readiness (incomplete/complete FMEAs and Control Plans), current corrective action trends and future risk areas. This tool can identify which parts and operations are going to produce problems in the future if no action is taken to reduce the risk of failure.  Click on the image for an enlarged view.

Impress Your Customers With AutoDCP
With  Flex FMEA technology, you can show your customers a summary risk analysis of their parts on demand with no notice! With this feature, a summary by customer, department or engineer is just a click away. Let your customers see that you are in control of their production.

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What Do Our Customers Say?

"Choosing AutoDCP FMEA software was academic, ...others are not even close. I was able to do a 106 page control plan in 2.5 hours. It is incredible!"
Al Lawson - Quality Manager

"It used to take me 2 days to do a single submission. Now I do 30 submissions in a day and a half."
Per - Quality Engineer

"It used to take me 3 full days to do a Process Flow, FMEA and Control Plan, now with AutoDCP FMEA software I complete them in 4-5 hours!"
Joe - Quality Manager

"Our plant now creates a PFD, FMEA and Control Plan in half the time it used to take to take with our prior solution."
Kathy – Quality Engineer

"Since my company began using AutoDCP, changing a control plan and FMEA has become an easy task. Before it would take days or weeks to do mass changes to these documents, and now it can be done in a few hours time."
Kelli - Quality Engineer

"We do the FMEA and Control Plan workload of five people at my employer with AutoDCP FMEA software and one person."
Tom – Quality Manager

"We purchased AutoDCP and the results have been phenomenal compared to MPACT!"
James - Quality Engineer

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